Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar I - Douro RiverThe Douro River is among the most beautiful rivers in Europe and most ideal for a cruise. The river starts from Spain where it is locally known as the Duero. It widens across Spain and spreads up into Portugal. You can navigate it from the Spanish border to Portugal to the ocean and the amazing city of Porto. The river passes through the Port Wine region which isfilled with beautiful steep hills and mountains. A Douro river cruise is filled with magnificent scenery consisting of mountainous landscapes dotted with rural and un-spoiled villages and towns. The river flows evenly thanks to a series of by dams and locks. You can thus be rest assured that your cruise will be safe, tranquil and fascinating.

A cruise on the Douro River will give you a chance to relax leisurely. It will also be a chance for you to experience the wonderful Portuguese culture. You can stop and visit the great cities of Porto and Salamanca. There are also so many resorts, cultural places, pilgrimage centers, cultural areas and beautiful vineyards. The River is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a lot to offer historically, culturally and physically.

The best time to take the Douro River cruise is late spring and early summer when there are no strong winds and the weather is pleasant. The waters are also quite calm during this time making it the perfect way to spend your summer vacation. There are a lot of fun things you can do on deck from sightseeing to sport fishing or mingling with the other cruisers.

While off the cruise you can get a chance to visit the ancient cities and experience wonderful culture and get to see beautiful architecture. Most ships normally stop for a day and give you a chance to explore the cities of Spain and Portugal. You cannot afford not to visit Villa Real on your cruise. It is an ancient Episcopal town and home of the navigator Diego Cap. Orchards and vineyards surround the town. Get a taste of some of the world’s finest wines here. In the South of Douro is Lamego, a major market town where you can buy souvenirs and antiques to take back home.