Porto is synonymous with great food, friendly and helpful people, and authentic charm. Even though it can be considered a small city, it doesn’t go unnoticed, as those who visit it are almost always more than willing to return for a second or third time – be it for the food, the views, or the cheerful people.

Take a stroll with us through Portugal‘s second largest city and get to know the narrow streets, the magnificent architecture, the traditions and culture of the city, and of course its people!

Sit on a terrace in the Ribeira district, grab a book, drink a Super Bock (or a Sagres) and simply enjoy the moment… Don’t forget to admire the traditional Rabelo boats that were typically used for wine transportation in the Douro River.

Take the tram (line 1) from the Passeio Alegre to the mouth of the Douro River and go for a walk in this beautiful area where the Douro meets the Atlantic. The price for one trip in the Porto Tram will cost you €3 – it’s a bit expensive but the trip is well worth it.

Eat lunch out and try the “Francesinha”, one of the most typical dishes in Porto. It’s a type of sandwich stuffed with different meats and covered with melted cheese and a spicy sauce, whose secret recipe will never be revealed… For a special Francesinha head to “Café Barcarola” (Rua de Costa Cabral, 213) and ask for the one with prawns and shrimp instead of meat.