windstar cruisesWindstar Cruises has been offering a unique cruising experience for distinguished travelers since 1984.  It was originally know as Windstar Sail Cruises and had one ship, MSY Wind Star, which was launched two years later. By 1987, 50% of the company was bought by Holland America Line. In 1988, his company bought the whole line and became a subsidiary of another company in 1989.  In 2002, one of the ships, Wind Song, got irreparable damage as a result of an engine room fire.  It is currently considered to be one of the leading lines in the world today.

Windstar Cruises offers a luxury small ship cruising experience. On average, its ships get a four star rating out of the possible five. This means that the standards are high and these cruises are not for the budget conscious.   The clientele is well cultured lending to a consistent cruise experience overall.

The Wind Surf is among the largest with a capacity of 300 passengers while the rest have an average of capacity of 150 passengers.  The destinations that Windstar Cruises cover are many. They include Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama Canal, Italy, Mediterranean, Baltics, Greek Isles and Transatlantic.

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