The Volga River is the longest European river that stretches close to 2,300 miles. The river runs at a slow pace connecting with the Rybinsk Reservoir and then flows east past Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Nizhny, and Kazan. It then takes a southern route along the borders of Samara and Volgograd. Finally the Volga River enters the Caspian Sea by combining with a delta that is located nearby Astrakhan. The Volga River is known to transport over half of the river freights in Russia and there are many dams in the area that help to provide water for irrigation and hydroelectricity to businesses and residents.

Highlights of Volga River Cruises

There are many luxury Russian Volga River Cruises available that take you on a wonderful trip alongside some of the most amazing European cities around. You will see fantastic landmarks and get to take guided sightseeing tours when you stop for on land retreats. The Volga River Cruises are like no other type of cruise that is offered in Russia. Transport into a historical dream come true when you embark on a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, check in to glorious hotels, visit Russian workshops, attend live concerts or enjoy an evening entertainment performance. On many of the luxury cruises you have the opportunity to board a ship with a limited number of guests, typically around 25 or less, so that you can have a semi-private getaway with your guests.

The Best Time to Plan Volga River Cruises

The best time to visit the Volga River or enjoy a cruise in the area would have to be between the months of May and September. That is when the weather is its very best and temperatures are not too cold or too hot which allows travelers to enjoy outdoor activities such as guided tours and hikes.

Things to See during Volga River Cruises

There are many things to see when you take a Volga River Cruise no matter if you choose to go on a luxury or standard voyage. The Kremlin is always a must see for Moscow visitors. Inside you will be able to see a vast collection of historical artifacts inside of the Armory Museum. You can also take a moment to view the Assumption and Archangel Cathedrals that were built in the 15th century.

If you visit Uglich while on your trip, you will get to see evidence of architecture dating back to the 10th century. A tour of the Golden Ring city allows you to see the Chapel of Dimitry which is a 17th century structure that was built upon where the ten year old son of Ivan the Terrible met his death.

Another place to visit while on your cruise would have to be the Svir River and the Village of Mandrogi. This is Europe’s largest freshwater lake which features a beautiful shoreline that has been decorated with willows, pine and alder trees. The quaint vacation village of Mandrogi is a fun and unique location where you may want to stay a few days once your cruise has ended.

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