Tour Eiffel against a wonderful skyThe Seine River is located in France and it is the second longest river in the area after the Loire. It flows in a northwest direction throughout Paris before it reaches the English Channel at Le Havre. The Seine River is 485 miles long and is known to be one of Europe’s most historic rivers. It is very well known for its commercial waterways and providing transport for river trading.

The Seine River is known as one of the most historical rivers in all of Europe and many tourists visit it every year from all over the world. One of the very best ways to get the most out of your trip to the Seine River is by taking a one of the Seine River Cruises that are available.

Highlights of Seine River Cruises

Tourists who visit the city of Paris love to observe all of the old and historical bridges that are located all throughout the River Seine. Some of these bridges are centuries old and the architecture is something to be admired. The oldest of these bridges is the Pont-Neuf which was built in the 1500s.

Along with these glorious bridges and simply viewing the shorelines of Paris itself, there are also two small islands that are accessible from the River Seine that are known as lle de la Cite and lle Saint-Louis.

The Best Time to Plan Seine River Cruises

One of the most romantic times to visit the Seine River and the City of Paris would have to be in the spring. This time of year will provide you with the opportunity to see the city of love in full bloom. There is a very festive atmosphere in Paris during the spring months as tourists enjoy walking the streets and enjoying the scents from the radiant gardens of the city. The weather is also just right for being out on a cruise ship with a very mild temperature in the air along with plenty of sun for exploring.

Things to See during Seine River Cruises

Typically most Seine River Cruises will last anywhere from three to fifteen days and during that time you have plenty of opportunities to see some amazing things and beautiful locations. On many Seine River Cruises you have the chance to see the beauty of the city of Versailles and take in the picturesque sights of areas like Honfleur or the Alabaster Coast. Depending on the cruise that you have chosen, you may also have the chance to visit the home of Claude Monet located in Giverny or step upon the streets of Rouen which was the home of Joan of Arc.

The Seine River is one of the most romantic rivers in the world. During a peaceful spring cruise you can enjoy the cool wind and refreshing air as you relax and take in all of the natural beauty and luminance that this gorgeous river has to offer. You will want to take along someone extra special when you begin to make plans for an upcoming Seine River Cruise.

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