Down By The RiverThe Rhone River is one of the most significant bodies of water in Europe and one of the most historic rivers located in Switzerland and France. It is the only river that flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea and offers a scenic, yet sometimes difficult course for visitors to take by boat. Enjoy the beauty of the shorelines and a culinary delight while you are on board one of the Rhone River Cruises that are available to tourists. A cruise on the Rhone River is sure to be one of the most intriguing cruises that you will ever take and an experience that you will treasure forever.

Highlights of Rhone River Cruises

Any river cruises in France are sure to be a delight that will combine a bit of French culture with some of the most remarkable sights that you could ever observe from the sea. There is truly no better way to have a South of France vacation than to take a Rhone River Cruise with that special someone in your life.

Along the way you will get to see amazing architecture that is connected with the French culture and many familiar works of art that are known of the world over. You can also sample some delicious freshly brewed wine and indulge in some of the very best French cuisine. You will also learn some interesting details on French history and how important the Rhone River was and still is to the forming of France as well as gain a deeper understanding of the French culture as you tour the lands of this remarkable country.

Many of the Rhone River Cruises available will usually visit Lyon, St. Pierre Palace, the Place des Terraux and Fourviere Hill. There are so many artistic treasures to see and landmarks to visit in this area that you will not know which to go to first.

The Best Time to Plan Rhone River Cruises

The best time to plan your Rhone River cruise and visit this area that lies south of France would be in the spring when all of the flowers are in bloom and the trees are full of lush green leaves and blooms. Summer and fall would also be great times to visit the area and would present wonderful views from the river.

Things to See during Rhone River Cruises

Some of the must see attractions that guests on Rhone River Cruises should see include the assortment of Roman treasures that can be found in various museums and the landscapes of Arles that inspired some of Van Gogh’s most famous work. There is also the Pope’s Palace which is known locally as the Gothic Palais des Papes located in Avignon. If you book a cruise that sails into Vienne, you will be able to climb some of the area’s tallest and largest hills where you can obtain a remarkable view of the land and the Rhone River itself or visit the Roman Theater which is the second largest in all of France.

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