Egypt-5B-023 - Approaching AswanTaking a cruise along the Nile River is a once in a lifetime experience for many travelers. Nile River Cruises typically last anywhere from three to eight days. Along the way you may make port at one of the intriguing cities in the area such as Aswan or Luxor. You can also visit some of the grand temples that are located in between these two cities. There are many different types of boats that you can choose to take your Nile River Cruise on, some of the larger ships are united with major hotel chains while others may be associated with some of the popular tourism companies.

Highlights of Nile River Cruises

Some highlights to look forward to while taking one of the various Nile River Cruises that are available include several sightseeing stops along the way. The Temple of Edfu was built as a dedication to the god Horus who is represented by a falcon’s head. This temple is known as one of the most preserved out of all the ruins along the Nile. The two gigantic Horus falcons stand at around twelve feet high and they are the entryway to the main temple inside. There you will be able to see plenty of ancient depictions from long ago.

You may also visit the Temple of Kom Ombo while you are on a Nile River Cruise. This temple is a dedication to the gods Haroeris, who is the god of medicine, and Sobek, who is the crocodile god. There are many discoveries located inside of this temple including several shrines including the Hearing Ear shrine that displays what has been interpreted as human ears, through which it was believed that prayers could be heard.

The Best Time to Plan Nile River Cruises

The best time to plan a cruise along the Nile River would have to be during the months of October through April. This is considered to be the high season which also means that rates will be much higher during this time. It is usually hot and sunny all throughout the year in Egypt; the winters are very mild except for occasional cold nights. The peak summer months are from June through August and temperatures can rise over the 100F mark. October through April has the mildest temperatures that are best for sightseeing and visiting the temples and tombs in the area.

Things to See during Nile River Cruises

Along with all of the majestic temples, tombs and the great pyramids that you will be able to see along the Nile River, you can also take a guided tour through many of the cities in Egypt and learn plenty of interesting facts about the history of the area. You can also enjoy an exciting hot air balloon ride if you stay in the Nile River Valley or visit the popular city of Aswan which is a favorite location amongst many tourists who have visited the area. There are plenty of historical landmarks that you can visit in Aswan as well as the Aswan Dam that can be found situated across the Nile River.

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