Oak Valley.JPGEnjoy the beauty of the Southern United States when you take a cruise along the Mississippi River. These historical day cruises take you and your guests on a trip back in time on a classic Mississippi riverboat. You will get a chance to visit some amazing locations and enjoy all of the wonders that the Deep South has to offer. Take in some sunshine, fun and culture when you decide to take one of the Mississippi River Cruises available on your next family or couples getaway.

Highlights of Mississippi River Cruises

Some of the most memorable things that you will encounter on any Mississippi River Cruises would have to be visiting the Civil War battlefields and the elegantly restored plantation homes. Take in the rolling farmlands and the beautiful architecture of the many riverside properties along the Mississippi.

You can also enjoy some of the unique culture that this state has to offer by listening to some live music while aboard your cruise. Mississippi is home to many legendary country, blues and jazz singers so it is no surprise that this type of musical style is a huge part of the state’s culture and lifestyle.

The Best Time to Plan Mississippi River Cruises

The best time to visit the Mississippi river and plan your cruise would have to be during the spring and summer months if you enjoy the summertime heat. The southern states are known for their hot summers and typically mild winters, so a fall or winter cruise could also be enjoyable if you like being outdoors when the temperatures are a bit cooler. While tends to stay calm for most of the year, you should keep an eye on the weather reports during the rainy season (March-April) and the coldest winter months (December-January) since flooding and hurricanes are also very typical in the area and winter weather can sometimes be very unpredictable in the south.

Things to See during Mississippi River Cruises

The gorgeous southern plantation homes and historic battlefields are just a few of the things that you must see during any of the Mississippi River Cruises that are available. A springtime cruise will provide you with many sweet smelling flowers and blooming trees to admire as well as plenty of fish swimming in the waterways. Spring and summer months are also excellent times for fishing in the area. The Mississippi River spans through the states of Mississippi, Tennessee, Illinois and Ohio as well as the Cumberland Rivers. There are also many smaller canals and various waterways that branch off from the Mississippi that you may be able to explore by rowboat.

Mississippi River Cruises offer all of these sightseeing opportunities and live music events for you to enjoy. Plus they also have great southern dining options that will give you an exclusive taste of the area’s culture. The next time you plan on taking a trip to the south, you should look into booking a day cruise along the Mississippi River. It will truly be an experience that you will not soon forget.

Reserve a Cruise

American Queen – The American Queen or AQ as it is known is the last of the great steamboats on the Mississippi.  After a two year hiatus, The Great American Steamboat company restored this American Classic and begins sailing again in April 2012.

Spirit of Peoria – This is a smaller paddlewheeler which does not have on board accommodations.  It primarily does day cruises.  Several times a year it does multi-day cruises down the river, stopping at various inns along the way.

Queen of the Mississippi – this is a brand new boat from American Cruise Lines.  This ship will offer ultimate luxury travel up and down the Mississippi.