High Bridge, High Street, LincolnThe Main River flows through the German states of Bavaria, Hesse, and Baden-Wurttemberg and through the cities of Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Offenbach and Wertheim. It is known to be the main transportation waterway for the industrial areas that are located around the city of Frankfurt and the Main River also provides visitors with an amazing scenic tour while they are traveling on Main River Cruises. There have been several improvements made in the area over the years to allow cruises on the Main River possible so that visitors to the area would be able to experience all of the wonderful sights and the beauty of the land that this area has to offer to them.

Highlights of Main River Cruises

There is plenty of history and culture to take in while cruising along the riverside. The city of Wurzburg features some remarkable architecture as well as tranquil vineyards inside of the famous Franconian wine area. While you are on your cruise you can take a moment to visit one of these wine vineyards and sample some of the distinctive flavors of wine that are available. You can also visit the town of Rothenburg that is known for its medieval allure and remarkable Gothic and Baroque architecture.

The Best Time to Plan Main River Cruises

Many people who have experienced the thrill of Main River Cruises in the past will suggest that the best time to go on one would be in August when the weather is a bit warmer than usual and you would be able to spend more time outdoors in the sun. Winter Main River Cruises can sometimes be more affordable but there may not be as much to do in the area when the weather in much cooler. There are plenty of outdoor activities to experience in the area such as hiking opportunities, so it may be wise to choose a vacation time that is during the warmer months in Germany.

Things to See during Main River Cruises

The Main River (which is pronounced ‘Mine” in the United States) is surrounded by historical locations and extravagant architecture that can be seen on the buildings located by the riverside. There are plenty of cultural things for tourists to experience when they visit the many German towns that are along the river. Small villages with peaceful walking areas and guided tours supply you with a wealth of information about the area and take you back to a historical period centuries ago while you visit landmarks and castle ruins.

There are many riverside paths and old bridges along the way where you can take a peaceful walk with your guests at sundown and experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see. No matter if you choose to take a simple day cruise or decide to go with one of the longer Main River Cruises that are available, you are sure to enjoy the time that you spend with your guests on this calming and peaceful waterway that runs through Germany.

Cruise Lines

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Viking River Cruises – http://www.vikingrivercruises.com/myagent/1cruise/