Dnieper River Orthodox ChurchThe Dnieper River is approximately 1,400 miles long making it Europe’s third longest. Its main source is the glaciers from the Valdai Hills that are found in central Russia. The river flows from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine down towards the Black sea. Upstream the Dnieper River is fed by flows coming from Pripyat River. Some of the amazing features across the Dnieper River are reservoirs, wide lakes, ancient villages, and forest groves.

Dnieper River cruises enables tourists to experience a broad array of nature and culture, and in the end delivers an ultimate recreation experience in conjunction with the best hospitality experience on board the comfy and specially designed cruise river boats. The best time to experience a Dnieper river cruise is between May to September, this is so because the river is normally closed during winter periods.

This particular river is extremely vital to the Ukrainian economy. The country benefits from a series of reservoirs and hydroelectric power station that are built on the final 500-mile stretch.

Key attractions in Dnieper River
Dnieper river cruises typically begin in Kiev Ukraine, before passing through the gently rolling Ukrainian hills, and thick and vast green forests.  Along the journey travelers are provided with an opportunity to sigh see ancient villages and also visit the monastery of the caves.  This is basically a religious complex that is constructed on top of some underground-network of tunnels and caves that were excavated by the monks. During the tour travelers are also provided with a rich opportunity of witnessing the Cossack-horseman show in Zaporozhye, or the folkloric-performance in Nova Kachoka.

A good number of Dnieper river cruises will also travel towards Yalta of the Second World War conference fame and where the famous Chekov spent the last days, and holiday makers will be accorded the rare treat of visiting places rich with cultural heritage such as the botanical gardens, tsar imperial winery situated at Massandra, Aloupka palace, and the white palace. This particular white palace was constructed as a summer residential dwelling for Tsar-Nicholas-II.

Travelers along the Dnieper river tour are also certain to enjoy Sevastapol within the Crimean Peninsula. They will also view the end of the Moscow-Crimea railway line. Other key attractions are the famous Potemkin-steps and the Odessa.

Dnieper River Cruises
There are quite a number of cruise lines operating along the Dnieper River and these ships are operated by various iconic companies such as Viking, Imperial, and Value world among others. The tour packages are very affordable with prices starting at around $1,800 for an entire full board package. These cruises are very stylish and tourist can choose to relax in the lounge, have some delicacies at the restaurant, or unwind at the sauna.