...always keeping one eye openWhile cruising the Columbia River located in Oregon, you will quickly find out that there is an abundance of things to do while you are staying in the area. Columbia River Cruises have so much to offer you and your family and you should definitely consider taking one of the casual daytime cruises while you are staying in the Portland area, or you may want to think about booking one of the week long Columbia River Cruises and enjoy your entire vacation out on the open water.

Highlights of Columbia River Cruises

Some of the best things that Columbia River Cruises have to offer aside from the amazing landscape to view would have to be the exceptional dining experience. If you choose to take a daytime dinner cruise, you and your guests will be treated to an amazing meal and possibly even some live entertainment if it is available on the cruise that you have chosen. One of the most popular highlights on most Columbia River cruises is taking a look at the local dams and locks that are located along the riverside. The Bonneville Dam has a visitor’s center that includes an underwater observation area so that you can get up close to the fish that are swimming in the Columbia River.

The Best Time to Plan Columbia River Cruises

The spring and summer months would have to be the best times of year to take a cruise along the Columbia River. This would be when the weather is the warmest in the northern part of the United States. This area can experience a lot of rain and snow during the winter so it would be best to book your cruise during the warmest time of the year. This is also the best time of year for fishing and any other outdoor activities such as hiking the beautiful majestic mountains that are located in the area and visiting some of the popular local sites.

Things to See during Columbia River Cruises

There are many things to see and do while on one of the Columbia River Cruises and while on land as well. The Mt. St. Helen’s Volcanic National Monument is a favorite among tourists to the area. This location around the mountain has been preserved ever since the volcanic eruption that occurred in 1980. This massive eruption that happened over thirty years ago burnt down nearly 230 square ft. of forested land. The area is still being restored today.

While staying in the area you can also visit the Portland Zoo, which is the oldest zoo in the northwestern part of the country. This zoo is home to over 200 types of birds as well as many different varieties of mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians.

Columbia River Cruises can offer you an exceptional alternative to your usual family vacation plans. Sailing the river can be an exciting and educational experience for everyone on your trip and it will be a way for you to make lasting memories that you can look back on for a very long time.