Shelter flooding: Water continues to rise / El abergue entre inundaciones: El agua sigue subiendoAmazon River Cruises have so much to offer people who are looking for something a little different to do for their next vacation. These cruises take place in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, the Amazon Rainforest. Experience nature in a way you never thought possible when you sail away on one of the many Amazon River Cruises that are now available.

Highlights of Amazon River Cruises

Obviously the best thing about spending your vacation on one of these Amazon River Cruises would have to be all of the beautiful sights that you will see along the way. Rainforests are full of unusual plants, flowers, animals and insects that are not seen in many other parts of the country. Therefore you will get to see many things that other people may never have the opportunity to see. Some of the wildlife that you will be able to see while in the Amazon includes the collard peccary, the gray river dolphin, a pygmy marmoset, howler monkey and tamarin monkey plus many types of gorgeous tropical birds such as the purple martin, the southern rough-winged swallow, the short tailed swift and the white necked puffbird.

The Best Time to Plan Amazon River Cruises

The best time of year to visit the Amazon would have to be during the Holidays or Festivals. One big event that is held in the city of Manaus would have to be the Boi Festival. This celebration takes place each June and includes many parades and culture-rich events to enjoy.

The dry season in the Amazon typically lasts from July to December and is the most humid time of year in the area due to the lack of precipitation. It is recommended that those who want to hike or fish while in the area visit during the dry season.

The wet season lasts from January to June. Water levels rise and many forest areas get flooded during this heavy rain season in the Amazon. It also provides cooler temperatures and better boat access to the wetlands. Major showers occur daily during this time so guests should be well prepared for these harsh weather conditions. However this should not turn visitors away from taking Amazon River Cruises during the wet season because this is the best time of year to see the most wildlife in the area.

Things to See during Amazon River Cruises

There is an abundance of things to see during Amazon River Cruises. Along with all of the wildlife that you will be able to see, you can also enjoy discovering all of the tropical plants, trees and flowers that can not be seen anywhere else. The Amazon rainforest and the glorious Amazon River in Brazil can provide us with some of the most breathtaking views in the world. During one of these Amazon River Cruises you will get to learn more about the wonders of nature and take a guided hike inside the rainforest so that you can get up close to the amazing wildlife that calls the area home.