Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise Line (NCL) began operating in 1966 using the name Norwegian Caribbean Line.  It is partly owned by Genting Group, which is currently based in Malaysia. Apollo Management is the other party that owns this company with 50% of its shares. NCL controls about 8 percent of the total cruise share market internationally. This means it is one of the leading cruise ship companies in the world today.

The fleet of Norwegian Cruise Line is quite large. The Norwegian Sky was bought in 1999. Next is the Sun, which was bought in 2001. Both of these ships have the sky class. It is followed by the Norwegian Star bought in 2001 with a tonnage of 91,000 tons. Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Star were all purchased in 2002 and 2001 respectively. These three are classified as Libra. In Leo class, there is only one ship, Norwegian Spirit, purchased in 1998. It was originally named Superstar Leo. Jewel Class has four ships namely the Jewel, Jade, Gem and Jade. All these ships were bought between 2005 and 2007. Finally, there is the Norwegian Epic, which is of the Epic Class and as purchased in 2010.

freestyle diningNCL has various destinations to choose from. Caribbean cruises operate through out the year. Among the most popular cruises are the summer cruises to Bermuda. This journey typically starts either from New York or Boston. At King’s Wharf, you will dock for several days. During the stay, you have the opportunity to discover the historic monuments, restaurants and shops. Adventurous travelers can decide to try out the beaches and golf courses. Apart from Bermuda, there are other interesting destinations that include Canada and New England. For these types of cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line offers options of 16, 10 and 7 day cruises to the locations of your choice. Mediterranean cruises in the spring or fall can be especially nice because it avoids the high tourist season in Europe and still has great weather.
Since the cruise line uses a freestyle cruise concept, you have the choice of deciding the time you will eat and there are no seating arrangements made during meals.  In addition to the regular dining options, there are specialty themed restaurants on most ships.  These include a steakhouse, Italian, hibachi Japanese, and French.  Reservations are required for these restaurants and there is a surcharge of $10-20 per person for these dining options.

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