The company is formerly known as the Cunard White-Star Line. It is a British American owned shipping company headquartered at Carnival house in Southampton and it was established in 1839. This is also the same time when the company was issued with the first British Transatlantic steamship mail contract. This particular organization is a dominant player in cruise passenger ship market in North America region.

When Cunard Line commenced its operations, competition was so intense and the organization was forced to re-structure itself as Cunard Steamship Company, so that it could raise additional capital. In 1902 British government provided Cunard line with substantial loans and subsidy so that they can develop two superliners which would help them reclaim their competitive position. The company developed the Carpathia, Carmania, and Caronia cruise lines which since have all been discontinued.
Today, Cunard line operates Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth cruise ship which makes the journey more magnificent than the destination itself.

Cunard Destinations
Passenger’s onboard Cunard cruise ships have unique experiences. This is so because there are quite a number of voyages passing through lush islands of the Caribbean and itineraries which sail the Mediterranean and Norwegian Fjords. It is also possible to experience the transatlantic route aboard the flagship Queen Mary 2 when it is plying between Southampton and New York route.

Cunard cruise ship has different routes to cater for different customers requirements. The company has the North American voyage, the world, transatlantic, Hawaii, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Canary & Atlantic Islands, and Canada & New England Voyages.

There are also short distances voyages where passengers have the opportunity to select their preferred ocean liners and routes so that they can celebrate special occasions. Such voyages offer so much on board coupled with their interesting destinations hence ideal for a long weekend or some kind of city break. Some of the ports of call for shorter voyages when using Cunard line are Southampton-UK, Newport-Rhode Island, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Hamburg-Germany, and Paris-France from Le Havre.

In Canaries, Madeira & the Azores passengers explore the rich and magical islands that constitute the Canary Islands. Passengers will sail through the Atlantic and they will be accorded the opportunity to witness the magic of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Island that boast of lush vegetation and floral wealth. Onboard passengers also experience the beauty of Tenerife, gaze El Teide which is basically the highest mountain in Spain.

The cruise ports of call here are Santa Cruz de Tenerife, la palman, Ponta Delgada, and Funchal among others.

Amenities & Activities
There are quite a number of amenities bundled with Cunard packages and these include; Platinum shows, Todd English Restaurants, Nightclub, Casino, Movie Theater, Computer Learning Center, a golf Driving range, Outdoor Swimming pools, Canyon Ranch SPA club, and a Royal Spa & Fitness Center.

Some of the activities available in Cunard line include; movie screening, shore excursions, Sports deck, Fencing instructions, Bridge instructions, Ballroom dance instructions, Gentlemen dance hosts, Cunard insights enrichment program, and library and Cunard Book Club.

Cunard Market Cruise Packages
Cunard Line understands that different people have different capabilities. This in return has strategically forced the company to structure various packages so that they may cater for a wider client base. This in return has given the company a reputation of attracting great personalities such as world leaders to movies stars, and at the same time there are also pocket friendly packages which cater for the middle class. For instance, there is the Queen Mary 2, a seven night transatlantic which starts at $699.00 At the same time there is the Queen Mary 2, a sixteen night Mediterranean trip which starts from $3,495.00.