Crystal Cruises was started in 1988. The company created their first ship called Crystal Harmony, which made its debut in 1990. Crystal Harmony was retired back in 2005. As of today the company has two luxury cruise ships that it operates. Crystal Symphony is a 922-guest ship and was created in 1995. Crystal Serenity was launched in 2003 and can fit 1,070 guests. Both of the ships are top rated.  The targeted market that Crystal Cruises is people who make above-average incomes in their respective countries.

Crystal Cruises goes to many destinations all around the world. The cruise line goes to destinations in Africa and Alaska. Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Canada, New England, Panama Canal, Pacific Coast, Trans-ocean and South America. The company has ports all over the world, as one can see.

There are a lot of things that make Crystal Cruises stand out from other companies. The two ships that the cruise line operates offers guests many different things. Accommodation on both ships is remarkable. Almost every single room on both ships offers guests spectacular views. The rooms are quite spacious, extremely clean and quiet. There are also penthouse suites that come with a butler. The furniture and bedding are top of the line and guests can rest assure that they will be able to get a great night’s rest. The accommodation that Crystal Cruises offers to their guests is second to none.

The company also offers people world class spas that cannot be found on any other cruise ships except on the ships that Crystal operates. The cruise line also has many bars and lounges aboard these liners. Some of the best drinks, unique drinks and tropical drinks can be found within some of these bars and lounges. Whether someone wants to enjoy a drink at a piano bar, classical music bar or a disco, then they will be able to do so.

The ships’ casinos are also one of a kind and no other cruise line can match the casinos aboard Crystal’s two ships. The casinos are huge and offer guests the chance to play many different casino games. The casinos are very clean, modern and provide players with a very relaxing environment.

Another thing that makes Crystal standout from other cruise lines is the talent they employ. The company has award-winning talent performing on their ships. Some of the best shows in the world can be witnessed right before guests’ eyes. The best entertainment is found right on the ships.

The dining is simply amazing. The dining rooms that are found on Crystal’s ships are spacious and the food that is served is excellent. Cuisine from all over the world is served aboard. Some of the unique dishes are also served on the ships.