When taking a one day cruise in Savannah, Georgia, your options for entertainment are unlimited. Many cruises offer a variety of fun including sightseeing and nightly shows. One of the most loved things to do is to take part in the narrated sightseeing cruise of the harbor. You get to take a ride down Old Port Jackson and learn about the intriguing historical tales of visitors from all over the world. Old Port Jackson is well known for having the oldest original artillery pieces in the country and are a sight to see!

Second up, attending one of the nightly shows are sure to excite the crowd. The nightly shows consist of all sorts of fun including dancing, great music, and not to mention, a delightful meal! Different cruises offer a different style of music. Some cruises even have a different show every night. Plus, the variety of cuisines offered are sure to blow your mind.

Lastly, the very well known moonlight cruise is always a crowd favorite. You can spend the evening dancing, relaxing, and enjoying the sights of the harbor under the beautiful Savannah skies. The one day cruises in Savannah, Georgia are full of activities as well as life! Starting out with a magnificent breakfast, sightseeing until lunch, then dancing and enjoying yourself all the way through dinner will keep you on your toes. Each day offers a unique and memorable trip that will make you want to do it again.