Portovenere is a small Italian town near La Spezia noted for its picturesque beauty. A cruise day trip is all you need to explore Portovenere and its many wonders. Here are a few suggestions for your visit:

1. Go on an excursion. Portovenere offers a boat ride to take visitors on a tour of all three famous islands: Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto. Each area boasts its own hiking and nature trails for tourists to explore. Palmaria Island homes Arpai Cave, a string of 36 ancient caves.

2. Visit historic churches. The Church of San Lorenzo, built in the early 12th century, is centrally located. The Church of San Pietro was built in the early 13th century and is the first structure tourists see upon entering town.

3. Explore castles and ancient ruins. The Doria Castle of Portovenere provides tourists with breathtaking panoramic views. The Mills are located between San Pietro Church and Doria Castle, giving tourists a glimpse into how the town protected itself from invaders so many centuries ago.

Portovenere displays its beauty and history from the moment visitors get a glimpse of the Town Gate and Tower, entryways to the ancient Italian town center. Enjoy all the area has to offer by planning a day trip and taking advantage of guided tours.