While Porto Torres isn’t considered one of Sardinia’s most alluring towns, it still has some things to offer tourists of all kinds, and for any budget.

For those who love history and architecture, you absolutely must visit the Basilica San Gavin. Between the relics of martyrs and sarcophagi from the Roman period, there is much to see in the largest Romanesque building of Sardinia.

A trip to Sardinia wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of the fabulous beaches, and Porto Torres has just the beach to visit. Spiaggia di Balai is one of the few beaches that is great for swimming. The water is crystal clear and they even provide free parking, if you are visiting by car. There is also a bar for those who want some libations with their beach visit.

Another major sight to see, is the archaeological site of Turritano Antiquarium. Here you will see sweeping views over the remains of this Roman city. Touring the Roman baths are a must, and really gives the visitor a glimpse into the life of this ancient culture.

For dining options, I would recommend San Gavino. Not only does this restaurant service up delicious Italian pizza and other specialties, it’s location is ideal. They also provide travelers with local Torres cuisine that represent the original inhabitants of the area.