A Day in Melbourne

A day in Melbourne off the cruise ship should include a local tour of some sort to get a sense of the city itself. Many daytrippers like to board the free tram that takes you around the downtown area. One advantage is it is free, stops near the cruise ship and makes a loop in both directions every 12 minutes. It is appropriately called the “City Circle Tram”.

With only a day to poke around many visitors enjoy getting a bit of shopping under their belt. A good place to check out is the Queen Victoria Market. It is said by some people to be the heart and soul of Melbourne. It was founded in the19th century and is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. If you get there before 10 in the morning you can join a “Hunt and Gather” tour that lasts for two hours ( $49 AUD) and enjoy a fully guided tour . The tour is led by a local guide with whom you will spend time exploring and tasting the market, learn about the history and discover the local specialties to purchase.

For the visitor, this is a great way to understand the local foods, the many tasty options to choose from as well as a chance to enjoy a local beverage and snack.

After the market, climb aboard the Circle Tram and stop at Flinders Street Station .

This station is more than just a transport hub. The architecture is inspirational and gives one a flavor of Melbourne and its charm. It is near the Yarra River and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and local coffee spots.

The inside of the station is worth a good look, it is impressive and has many rich details and features that make it a nice place to grab a snack.

The vicinity of Flinders Street Station is adjacent to the banks of the Yarra River. From there one can walk over the footbridge to the Southbank area. If you head over to Eureka Tower you will see the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. If you go up to the top you can check out the Eureka Skydeck . It is the tallest viewing spot in the Southern Hemisphere and if you’re wanting to get an outstanding, 360-degree view of not only the city of Melbourne but the overall region then this is the location for you.

After coming back down to earth , enjoy a stroll along the Yarra River which winds its way through the center of Melbourne and splits the commercial center from the more lowrise Southbank section. Many fun activities are available at the Yarra waterfront including the Batman Park, the Melbourne Aquarium, as well as Federation Square .

Enjoying the sights and sounds of a new city with a leisurely walk is a treat all by itself. After you have had a bit of exercise you can stop in and enjoy the Aquarium , grab a dinner at many of the fine local restaurants or people watch at Federation Square.

Melbourne is a beautiful city and you will remember your visit fondly!