Only have one cruise day in Livorno Italy? No problem! Known for its seafood, Renaissance-era fortifications and modern harbor, there’s something for everyone. It’s also very exclusive and private, which is a much different feel than other tourist areas of Italy.

If you prefer sightseeing and landmarks, you must visit the viewpoint of Terrazza Mascagni. Located on Italy avenue, it provides sweeping views of the Ligurian Sea and is absolutely breathtaking.

If beaches are your thing, visiting the Costiera di Calafuria is an absolute necessity. Getting rave reviews from travelers of all kinds, this beach area truly portrays the majesty of the sea. The water is deep and clear, and is a true paradise for all who visit.

A trip to Italy would never be complete without getting acquainted with the cuisine. A stop at the Mercato Centrale will make anyone’s tastebuds water. The late 19th century architecture of the building is stunning and the market houses 34 shops and 230 stalls of meats, eggs, cheese, wine, bread, etc. Truly a place to experience!

If you want to sample some truly local cuisine, a stop to Torteria de Gagarin is in order! They serve classic food of Livorno, and one of their specialties is a torta, or sandwich, that is filled with chickpeas, and based on the reviews, you don’t want to miss this.

Lastly, if you want to experience fine dining in Livorno, you must go to Il Tegolo Champagneria-Crudite. Set in an 18th century estate, the restaurant is actually housed in what was once an old stable. They are open for lunch and dinner, and everything is made fresh to order.