If you are disembarking from a cruise in Heidelberg there are several things you will want to see. One wonderful aspect of seeing Heidelberg is all the sites are within easy walking distance.

When you get there, you will want to go see Heidelberg Castle. It perches over the old town and can be accessed by a two minute funicular ride. Upon arrival you can explore the Gothic Renaissance courtyard.

Back down in the old town – there are many fine shops and cafes to explore. In you visit in December you can enjoy the Christmas markets. But anytime of year there is much to see. The town has two main squares. The main square Marktplatz has cafes to sit and enjoy a beverage. Many visitors enjoy the afternoon coffee and cake culture. While in Marktplatz for a small fee you can climb the church steeple in the Gothic church on the square for more fantastic city views.

On your way back into the old town after visiting the castle you’ll walk straight into Kornmarkt. This square has benches lining the edges and you can take in the view. It does not have the cafes of the Marktplatz but the sights and character of the space should be taken in.

If the weather is agreeable enjoy a stroll along the River Neckar. Its a good way to get away from the many visitors at Heidelberg Castle. Many residents enjoy the riverside park on the northern side of the river near the Theodor Heuss Bridge for a picnic. This is where the people of Heidelberg like to go in warmer sunny days.

After your picnic, enjoy seeing the Old Bridge from the riverside perspective. The stone bridge dates from the 1900’s and there is a fine medieval medieval bridge gate on the old town side of the bridge.

As you head up to the bridge don’t miss a fun little oddity. On the edge of the bridge there is a sculpture of a monkey. The cast monkey is holding up a mirror which according to local lore is supposed to bring you wealth if you touch it. If you touch the monkey’s fingers you will return to the city one day and be warned, if you touch the mice you’ll have lots of kids! Choose accordingly!

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