American Cruise Lines

Experience everything that America has to offer when you take a trip through American Cruise Lines. Enjoy an intimate cruise on a beautiful paddle wheeler that only holds up to 150 guests or one of the other small cruise ships that we have available. Passengers on board get to experience each and every port of call up close as they enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with their fellow travelers. The American Cruise Line company offers you exceptional service and visits to amazing destinations while you take part in one of the most unique types of cruises available in the industry. Plan your trip to some of the most beautiful rivers and coastlines this nation has to offer when you reserve a cruise with American Cruise Lines today.

Pack your bags and get ready to explore the open sea as you take a trip on an American Cruise Line. Enjoy the wonder of the Pacific Northwest, the coast of Maine, the New England Islands, the glorious Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay and the Historic rivers that lie deep in the South plus many more American destinations. Take on the Mississippi River in style on board a majestic paddle wheeler that goes by the name of the Queen of the Mississippi and experience some of the beauty that these historic rivers and coastlines have to offer residents and visitors to this Patriotic land.

Target Market
The Cruises that we have to offer at American Cruise Lines feature a relaxing atmosphere that anyone would be able to enjoy. Our fleet of small ships typically only holds around 150 guests so you can enjoy the excitement of a cruise with your family without all the crowds that a much larger cruise ship would cater to. We can provide you with a tour of some of the most scenic waterways that the United States has to offer. Share this historical and memorable event with your entire family as you take a cruise through the grand Pacific Northwest, gorgeous Chesapeake Bay and the grand rivers of the South. We are here to provide you with everlasting memories that your entire family will enjoy.

Why we are Different
American Cruise Lines is different from all the other cruise lines in the industry because we are the only ones who offer small ship cruising along the beautiful coastal waters and rivers of the United States. Our professional and friendly staff members work hard to provide you with quality service so that you will completely enjoy your trip. Relax as you gaze out into the beauty of the ocean or peaceful river as you enjoy a delicious entrée inspired by the area that you are located in. Fresh seafood, meats and produce are purchased at the regions that we visit so that you can enjoy a taste of your current destination even if you never step foot on dry land. We are able to accommodate to any type of special diet plans and have refrigeration available if needed for medical purposes.

If you are looking for an exciting and different type of vacation for your family to enjoy this summer, consider one of the American Cruise Lines packages that we have available. We look forward to providing you with a remarkable experience.

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